People of KONE Asia Pacific

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Orang-orang KONE Asia pasifik

Cari tahu semua tentang apa artinya bekerja di sini dengan KONE di Asia Pasifik


People of KONE Asia Pacific


An opening message from KONE Asia Pacific Executive Vice President, Samer Halabi

Every organization has its own set of strengths and beliefs. KONE is no different as well. However, what sets us apart is our true emphasis on the two key things which we believe to be integral to our success over the past century: Our strong KONE culture and the importance we place on the development of our people.

Rome was not built in a day and the same goes for KONE’s culture. Our culture was built on the solid foundations of the values that we seek to nurture in our people:

Care: Being genuine and being present for each there, supporting each other

Customer: The customer is at the forefront of all that we do

Collaboration: Working together closely as one team to overcome all challenges and rise together as a team

Courage: Performing our daily tasks, with the courage to do what’s right

People of KONE Asia Pacific

These four core values are what anchors our culture and we strongly believe that these will be our four guiding principles towards achieving success as an organization.

The development of our people is something that I personally have a strong belief in as well. Over the past almost two decades with KONE, I have seen how the development of people has played a huge role in KONE’s progress and competitiveness. Today, I see many successful leaders in our organization who began as emerging leaders or high potentials and grew up into senior positions. Hence, this is why I have a personal interest in ensuring that our people receive the best developmental opportunities and training that they can get.

I welcome you to join the KONE family and embark on this continuous journey of advancement and development together.

Samer Halabi, KONE Asia Pacific Executive Vice President

People of KONE Asia Pacific

People of KONE Asia Pacific

Orang-orang KONE Asia pasifik

Kami di sini untuk menjadikan kota tempat tinggal yang lebih baik.

Kami di sini untuk menjadikan kota tempat tinggal yang lebih baik.

... dan bersama-sama, kami menjadikan KONE tempat yang hebat untuk bekerja

Berkembang bersama

  • Operasi di 9 negara
  • 8500+ kolega
  • 80% karyawan di lapangan
  • 10 training center
  • Investasi besar dalam pengembangan sumber daya manusia
  • 35% millenial

Menang bersama

  • Pemimpin global dalam industri eskalator & elevator
  • Tingkat peralihan karyawan di bawah rata-rata pasar
  • Karyawan yang sangat terlibat


Meningkatkan kehidupan urban

  • Penekanan pada keberlanjutan
  • Salah satu perusahaan dengan kinerja terbaik di Asia
  • Pencetus People Flow / Aliran Orang
    Perpindahan orang-orang di dalam dan sekitar bangunan yang lancar, efisien dan aman
  • Memindahkan 1 miliar orang setiap hari