KONE in Indonesia

KONE’s business in Indonesia started in 1994, when KONE established a joint venture with a local elevator company. A year later KONE acquired 100% of the joint venture and is today one of the fastest growing elevator and escalator companies in Indonesia.

Some key references in Indonesia include 38-storey, 5-star Mulia Hotel and 50-storey Wisma Mulia office building in Jakarta.

KONE’s Indonesian operations, PT KONE Indo Elevator, is based in Jakarta with branch offices also in Surabaya, Bandung and Bali. KONE Indonesia is part of KONE’s South East Asia region where KONE is one of the leading elevator and escalator companies.

For detailed information about the global KONE organization, please visit the KONE Corporation website.

KONE Commitment

It is our absolute commitment to the return of the developer’s investment, to the ideal of the architect, to the character of your building and to the comfort of every single person that enters a KONE elevator or rides on a KONE escalator. Only then do we deserve the right to be at the heart of your building.

Support to local communities

The not-for-profit KONE Centennial Foundation, founded in 2010, is one of our initiatives to support local and often disadvantaged communities.

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